Our lead, Mr. Faler, has 24 years of SQL database experience, with a focus on applying databases for computation and to meet business goals ranging from web-backends to cost tracking and production lot tracking. Our largest two database projects are:

EPA Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES). As a contracted principal analyst for the US Environmental Protection Agency, designed and programmed the MOVES and National Mobile Inventory Model (NMIM) software using Java and MySQL grid computing systems to help users develop estimates of current and future emission inventories for on-road motor vehicles and non-road equipment. A core figure of the MOVES and NMIM design efforts since 2001, he has expanded the code and database architecture for both speed and functionality as well as implemented and tested many new models for pollution calculation. Recent work includes porting MOVES to a cloud computing system. Participated in all public releases of the MOVES and NMIM models. Presented on cloud computing and MOVES database design at EPA conferences.

Focus1 IRIS System. Designed and coded Java and SQL Server data transformation and workflow software for a large volume printing company. Focus1 (a division of Hatteras Printing) prints and mails postal letters for the debt collection industry. Mr. Faler and a colleague began working with Focus1 in 2005 because their existing system could no longer meet the throughput demands of their growing customer base. A new system, one based upon Java and the Microsoft SQL Server relational database, was quickly created. The new system outperformed the prior by up to a factor of 50. Since 2007, many new modules have been implemented for both customer-specific situations and for automated data cleanup. The automated name and postal address cleanup code developed has added greatly to Focus1’s data services offerings and profitability. System design resulted in a 10x increase in performance through the effective use of data structures, transaction batching, and a highly modular and concurrent pipelined software architecture.


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